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Star Morisseau acting Workshop & Seminars

ACTING CLASS (ERIC MORRIS TECHNIQUES) Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Star Morisseau will be teaching Eric Morris Techniques, She was taught by Kathryn laughling an original student of the honorable Mr, Eric Morris.Below is what we will cover in this class and the textbook we use.

Each quarter we will create a short film to showcase what we have learn from our classes.


Thank you for for booking the class with us!

Star Morisseau, Acting Director




A collection of 125 acting exercises that are based on journal excerpts and dialogues from Mr. Morris' classes. These exercises teach the actor to systematically eliminate his or her instrumental obstacles -- tensions, fears, inhibitions -- and explore the "being" state, where the actor does no more and no less than what he or she feels. As the title indicates, many of the techniques herein address the actor's need to avoid falling into the traps of concept and presentational acting. There is also a complete chapter on sense memory -- what it is, and how to practice it and apply it as an acting tool. Co-authored by Joan Hotchkis, and with a Foreword by Jack Nicholson.

A fun and exciting workbook for actors to use in establishing a daily work schedule. Designed to help the actor integrate the two parts of the process, THE INSTRUMENT AND THE CRAFT. Which gives spontaneity, dimension, and authenticity to his performance. The numerous daily exercises deal with every aspect of acting including the actor's relationship to the business. Blank pages provide the actor with space to document his or her own involvement and progress. Being a workbook, every page is filled with a daily assignment and directions to practicing the exercises and applying them to dramatic material. Numerous photographs depict some recognizable actors involved in the work process. This is the second book by Eric Morris that chronicles his system of acting. It is a wonderful companion to "NO ACTING PLEASE" since it continues where that book ends

Eric believes that this book is the "craft bible," since it focuses entirely on the craft an actor must acquire in order to fulfill dramatic material. The book explores the seven major obligations related to material--time and place, relationship, emotional, character, thematic, historical, and subtextual--and from there goes on to define choices and explain how to use them to fulfill those obligations. The third element of the craft, the choice approaches, is the practical work the actor must do to create the choices. Out of the current thirty-one choice approaches, only twenty-two are explored in this book. The remaining nine are investigated in subsequent books.






Star Vendors Fair Acting Seminar

BY: Michael Haney

Saturday April 16th at 3:00 pm.

we are looking forward to meet you soon! Please be sure to contact Star Morisseau on all future upcoming seminars.(305)741-8083

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