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Service Description

The average American spends 1.7 hours on social media platforms every day and teens spend nine hours each day consuming digital media.Social media is a powerful tool because it allows people to communicate and engage with others by sharing Facebook videos, Instagram photos, YouTube videos, Snapchat Stories, and other forms of content with their friends and followers For brands, leveraging these social conversations provides a valuable way to increase a company’s exposure, establish a positive brand identity, and integrate a brand’s name and/or content into millions of social media interactions. The Different Types Of Social Media Marketing Campaigns & Strategies we use includes Hashtag Campaigns: Creating a branded hashtag is one of the simplest ways for brands to increase visibility to social media audiences Giveaways & Contests:Hosting a contest or distributing promotional codes can generate social buzz and encourage social media users to take a specific action. Viral Videos to increase exposure, many brands create content designed to be shared by millions across social media channels Takeovers: Social media takeovers involve allowing a social media user (often a celebrity,influencer, Star Morisseau Events and Team of to take control of a brand's owned media channel for a set period of time ) Owned media is defined as any content or digital properties controlled by the brand, including websites, social media pages/accounts, company blogs Paid Media advertisement.

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